Sunday, 29 April 2007

What the.....?

The government's latest lunacy before policy is here

Yeah right. The teaching of emotional intelligence is going to undo years of utterly shit teaching philosophy. Methinks not Tonto!! Emotional intelligence is a(not bad) leadership approach to major project management and big organisational control. I'm just fucking underwhelmed that it might work in St Snot Nose's All Faith Primary Hell Hole! Emotional Intelligence is a complex theory which relies on many personal and managerial constructs and is, IMO utterly unsuited to addressing misbehaviour in schools. But most annoyingly of all it will allow teachers to ignore equations and concentrate on the fucking wet.

I'm lucky with my children (no I'm not, I work on their knowledge constantly) but feral parents beget feral children. Not very bright people do not necessarily beget not very bright children (viz me!!)but the may odds are stacked. In other words we are in a societal downward spiral here that potentially affects our wealth and ergo everything else as a nation because we value emotional intelligence over the 9 times table. This would not be a school issue if we had a more stable society. Parental responsibility anyone??

I know several teachers and they already provide all the "emotional intelligence" required of their job (and indeed have for donkey's years) but hey, let's not miss a fucking headline eh Tony? Parents have the biggest responsibility in any real society and apparently none in Swiss Tony's!!

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