Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Global Whining

When I was a young lad (yeah, yeah, I know), 30 years ago plus, I subscribed to a magazine called "Speed and Power". Besides telling me about such awesome weapons systems as the new Jaguar and MRCA (Tornado) aircraft, it was full of highly informed scientific warnings of the forthcoming Ice Age, yes, Ice age!! Northern Europe was once again going to be plunged into a frozen wasteland that would see glaciers reappear in Scotland after a 100,000 year absence. Politicians were deeply alarmed. Hmmmm

Scientists have always been, usually correctly, held in high regard but I harbour strong fears now that their "conclusions" are designed to hit political buttons thus engendering further funding, the real raison d'etre of some eminent modern scientists!! My analysis of the science behind Global Warming suggests it is far from the "done deal" we are constantly told it to be. Indeed, in a (linked throwback to "Speed and Power" above) our current level of global warming is not only not that unusual in even relatively short geological terms, but the human contribution is almost certainly swamped by that of the Sun. Sunspot activity happens on an approximate 11 year cycle and is clearly considered a major factor in current climate conditions by a number of scientists. Sadly these people are being shouted down by opportunistic politicians and unscrupulous scientists seeking further funding with the effect of stifling debate. This I abhor.

The bottom line is that, whatever the causes of so called "Global Warming", the answers are probably scientific and not remotely political so let's not sully the debate with weasel political cant. Planet Earth experiences cycles beyond our influence and beyond our timescales, let's not get so up ourselves as a species that we think everything that happens on a planetary scale is to do with us. It's an effing big and seriously complex universe out there.

Doctors don't kill??

Firstly apologia to my small band of readers for not blogging much, my excuse it that I'm forming a new relationship post divorce and I think I deserve the chance to do that. Think i might try to change my style from the long rant (takes me a while to build up the ire!!) to more frequent, shorter, pithier missives. Let's see how it goes.

Anyway, onto the very weighty subject matter at hand, the media incredulity that doctors could possibly bring themselves to kill. Notwithstanding the tacit governmental admission today that these "doctors" didn't necessarily belong in the NHS and should have been practicing at home,I'm astonished that people think doctors don't kill people. There is, I know, this Utopean view of the Hippocratic oath and it's direction to doctors that life is sacrosanct in all instances but even a little forensic analysis says this is not true. Doctors in today's NHS make regular decisions that condemn someone to death, they usually have the conscience salving clause of being able to make that as dignified and painless as possible, but the system, constrained by money and those nice people at NICE, triages certain people to die or suffer horrible ends. They have to, it's part of their job spec and must often be deeply stressful.

Now let's be clear, the foreign born doctors who attempted mayhem last week were intent on murder, pure and simple. They are evil, poisonous and deluded individuals with a warped sense of justice and do not remotely deserve the epiphet of "doctor". They deserve neither our sympathy or our understanding, they are merely scum. We should feel lucky that these men are very poor engineers as their relatively simplistic plan should have worked if executed properly. My beef here is with the MSM who have taken the ridiculously simplistic view that doctors only ever heal and that to have perpetrated this attack must have struck at the core of these doctors ethical fibres. The NHS asks them to make life and death choices daily and I suspect they were very able to suspend their Hippocratic feelings. Doctors decide on and see death every day of their working lives,did the MSM not think they might actually have a decent acquaintance with it? Why are our press so stupid?

I'm uncomfortable with this blog and might pull it but will publish and then consider.

Sunday, 1 July 2007

Zimbabwe is beyond descending into chaos And we, as a nation have a responsibility, whether we like it nor not!!
Is Zimbabwe's current predicament our fault? Clearly not. Mugabe is a distinctly evil dictator, sadly democratically elected and the fact that he has been indulged by the UN and many influential countries makes me feel physically sick.

Should we invade Zimbabwe? Well it's the clincher that Tony Blair is/was/always has been a liar!! Of all the "tear stained issues" that should have affected him, Zimbabwe, as a commonwealth country should have been writ large. Instead he ducked and dived like a dodgy used car salesman and condemned thousands to death and many more to abject deprivation and pain. Well done Tony, would you like it to be counted in your legacy?

Oh no! Your legacy is only that you've told us you've done something about, you venal barsteward!!!

I repeat as a member of the Armed Forces, if we invade anywhere on the planet, let's not make it Iran, let's rebuild southern Africa's breadbasket and re-make Zimbabwe the engine of growth not only there but also in Mozambique and beyond.

What we have allowed to happen in Zimbabwe has affected so many other countries it defies logic and shames us.