Thursday, 19 April 2007


Love's a funny thing isn't it. I was married for 22 years and regret not one moment of that time but am now going through a divorce. Her petition arrived on the doorstep today, boy did that hurt. We've been growing apart for a long time but when you've produced two such wonderful children together there's always something there. It's not right that grown men cry!!! I think the legalese from her solicitor didn't help! I'll stop using exclaimation marks right now!

And yet, and yet. Life goes on, it must. I'm not someone who is comfortable being alone so I confess I hit the dating sites. I've already met someone who turns me inside out the moment I see her and who is also falling for me. A bit of me says is this right? The rest of me says you deserve happiness however many times you've screwed up in life.

She makes my heart sing, calls me babe and cares for me in a way I haven't felt for years so it must be good.

Love is where you find it.

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