Wednesday, 25 April 2007


This blog is now a week or two old. It's rubbish (although the love bit and my son are clearly hearfelt). I currently have no idea what I'm doing or how to provide a coherent and consistent commentary. But I want to. My inspiration came from reading the serious heavyweights in this field and wanting, if not to emulate then, at least to make a contribution. Two Bloggers have always stood out for me (sorry Iain), Guido and Mr Eugenides.

Guido gets under the skin of the current political order in ways few msm journos could contemplate and is consistently irreverent and entertaining, a balloon pricker of the first order. Which I believe is not too many letters away from what politicians think of him!!! He has led on a number of scandals that the msm were slow to pick up on and I agree with him that they have sometimes been complicit in this, shame on them.

Mr Eugenedies is a different kettle of Calimari! A man who leads from the heart but with an intellect to kill for. Incisive, witty, coherent and politically astute he matches these with an ability to swear that makes Navy men like me blush!! He and Devils Kitchen encapsulate the desire, nay the absolute need to say it like it fucking well is. And I approve! My mother always said that swearing displayed a lack of vocabularly but I detect no scintilla of that in the swearers! No fucking way!

Why big up Mr E? 2 motives. He's the reason I started Blogging in the first place and as above, it's so refreshing to read stuff that cuts through the cant fed to most people. Secondly, 'cos I linked my new site to him he had the good grace to post a comment on my blog. Clearly a fucking Gent!!

Thanks Mr E, you've enthused me


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