Thursday, 19 April 2007

Free Speech

Bit of an issue at the moment what with EU calling for "holocaust denial" to be a criminal offence and even some of my favourite bloggers (Devils kitchen and Mr Eugenides) getting their intellectual knickers in a twist.

Lets be completely clear here, the right to freedom of speech is absolute, it is in no way whatsofuckingever a qualified freedom. FULL STOP. You might speak utter shit, and nasty shit at that but you can say it in my country. With that right comes the the fact that you must be responsible for every single word you say. Say what you like but feel the wrath of those who disagree and be prepared to argue your corner.

Things like the holocaust are clearly emotional almost beyond reason but I suggest we might just be edging towards the same sort of state Hitler formed if we stifle a sensible debate with these tossers. Free speech can be, and often is, fucking uncomfortable, it's meant to be that way!! Let's be grown up, robust, hard edged but tolerant, it's what we're supposed to be.

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