Thursday, 19 April 2007

Virginia Tech

Difficult. Virtually impossible but to not speak is to tacitly endorse the arsehole who killed 32 people, that can't be right!

Where do we start? Gun control I presume. Awful lot of cant buzzing around the MSM about this at the moment. The constitutional right to bear arms does not, and has never conferred on anyone the right to kill. That person abandoned all rights the moment he chose to kill, no- one has that right, full fucking stop. The argument by the gun lobby that the students might have had guns and might have also taken (an admittedly broken) life is cant of the first water. My understanding of Virginia law is that they can't carry hidden firearms, good. Because murder begets murder. We need to know, and already have many clues, as to why this man killed. Guns don't kill, American culture does, big time.

The corollary is Iraq. My friends are dying there daily due to an American cultural approach to warfare that is rooted in the ghetto and the disaffected element of campus and which is entirely victim oriented.

The world's superpower is in danger of being populated by juvenile intellectual lightweights and it is to the detriment of the world that this is happening.

Life's good isn't it!!

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Anonymous said...

Gun control is a side issue. Would gun control have stopped this arsehole if he had walked into a class and detonated a homemade bomb? It's getting more common and gun control wouldn't stop any of it.

That being said, I see no way of stopping someone who wants to kill masses of people, short of having reliable intelligence.