Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Plywood Women Abuse Toddlers

This doesn't piss me off at all, oh no!!!! Nasty, Nasty, evil women
I used to live in Plymouth. For 18 years in fact. It's a Naval town, I'm a Naval person, we are what we are and we're not ashamed in the round. But it's fair to say that in certain areas it's an effing rough city. But these women go beyond anyone's perception of parental responsibility surely. These women are not human, they are monsters. Their natural instinct should have been to protect but they chose to thrust infants into "combat" in the spirit of "toughening them up". This is beyond disgusting. Parents protect, full stop. As the child grows that level of protection changes from one of embracement to slow but deliberate liberation but it is always to help the child be a grown up. these people were trying to raise human wolves. Though I've never met them,I hate them.

Makes me Angry!

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