Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Some of my sporting views:

Vaughn is a wonderfully adept strategist, an accomplished batsman and a genuine leader, he must continue to lead the test side, full stop. The issue about who leads the one dayers is slightly more intractible. My personal choice would be Strauss. He's well respected, an able tactician but also not afraid to tear up the script and just go for it. He's already nearly up there with Vaughn as a proven leader so why not go for it and give him his head?

On my passion for Bath Rugby and its owner Andrew Brownsword (AB)

A man like AB who has amassed such wealth through his own initiative should never be classed a fool. To me, It's also not about whether he has invested, not invested, might be a tightwad, etc. etc.. Without wishing to resort to management bollox, my beef is with the vision and values he sets, or in this case apparently doesn't set, for the club. When I asked BC for the club's mission, vision and values last year, he told me they were secret. In other words, we the fans are not allowed to know where the club thinks it is or where it wants to go.

AB's purported £4M appears to be a sunk cost as far as he's concerned so to bat on about his "altruistic investment" is to speak about the past as if it is the present and does not take the debate about the future of our great club forward one nanometre! I wish to know what AB's ambitions for the club are, not how much money he's given us and I'm unimpressed to be met by a deafening silence from the management that suggests to me that they don't have a scooby.

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