Tuesday, 8 May 2007

NuLab is the Price We've paid for Replacing Political Idealism with Functional Managerialism

And what's worse is that they're completely shit at managing!! I had a long chat with one of my tutors on my MSc back in 2002 about the rise of managerialism and the impact it might have on the place of "ideas" in politics. Sadly I have largely been proved right in that the NuLab managerialist approach has created an ideas vacuum across the Union. Thus we see UUP/SDLP mainstream politics in Ireland replaced by the more polarising UDP/SF mix. Similarly in Wales and strikingly but not decisively in Scotland in the separatist vote surging dramatically. In England we have been surprised by the rise in UKIP voting and utterly gobsmacked by the advances of the BNP in the south east.

I put all of these down to a managerialist approach by ZANULAB that has created an utter ideas vacuum in British politics. Civil Servants manage, politicians traditionally create the idealogical framework in which they (civil servants)sometimes deliver. To uses SPADs in particular but the politicisation of the Civil Service in general to deliver a party-centric agenda devoid of all idealism galls me greatly.

Tony Blair and Gordon Brown are and have always been, utterly devoid of real political ideas and their managerialistic approach has done more to polarise modern politics than anything since early Thatcherism but without the clear benefits thereof! Indeed I lay a charge at the feet of the Liar and his disappearing henchman, that they, an avowedly centrist party, have made British politics the most extreme it's been in living memory by their deliberate creation of an idealisic vacuum.

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