Sunday, 13 May 2007

Children, Academia and Sport

Up Front Caveat - This post may subsequently change because it's late, I'm tired and just a wee bit pissed.

Right. Much is said about the physical prowess, or actually not, of our benighted youth. Let me tell you a small tale of a 13 year old of my acquaint who proves that most of the stuff purveyed by the press on this topic is just bullshit. His school is almost exactly a mile from home; come rain, come shine he walks to school a minimum of 10 miles a week. He is one of the standout players in his school's rugby team and, in season, plays 2-3 hours a week for his school. Now the cricket season has started he puts his all in for Lansdown CC, charging in as a bowler every friday. He's 13 years old, 5'4 and the best part of 10 stone. someone might say he's a bit chunky but he's not, he's all muscle and presence, brought about I suspect by a love of milk and a burgeoning love of sport!!

But most of all he plays rugby for the Bath Youth section and, last night picked up the award for most improved player of the season. To watch his face as he was given that well deserved accolade was both enervating and humbling.

Ben is also one of the very, very, very brightest children at his school, a state comprehensive of the highest quality, and is thriving academically.

In short, he plays rugby with boys of exceptional skill and no little academic ability, and those who display great sporting prowess but who are not destined for Oxbridge, all enjoy God's sport. In short, I, through my son, see the best of young sporting and academic talent in my area and, despite Swiss Tone and the clunking fister, find it in rude health.-

These children are fit, healthy and very educated.

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