Tuesday, 8 May 2007


Ok, on the grounds that I always intended this blog to be rather eclectic, hererwith some musical thoughts.

My "core" musical taste has always resided in the 70's/80's rock/prog genre with bands like Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Genesis, Yes, Magnum etc dominating my musical tastes. I introduced them to my son who, over time has paid me back in spades. After years of being just into rock of my era I'm now listening to, in ascending order of magnificence, Kasabian, Razorlight, My Chemical Romance and, stunningly of all, Muse. To have effectively missed 10 years of musical education and to come back to a band like Muse is stupifingly wonderful. Black Holes and Revelations tips The Black parade to best album of the last 12 months but by 'eck it's close. Rock music is truly alive and as well as it's been for 15 years. Praise be, because it moves me like nothing else!!

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