Monday, 10 September 2007


I am reluctantly taking down my Maddy poster.

Like many others I currently don't know what to believe and feel that my support is not quite as unequivocal as it was.

I'd like to try to explain why but all the arguments I've tried to post are either fatuous, disingenuous or based on mere supposition. But, but, but.

Part of my issue is that I have not liked the well orchestrated media machine behind the family, they were ill advised (sic) to be so clearly media oriented/manipulated. They had the media spotlight anyway, I feel others may have set them up for a fall through today's obsession with outright media manipulation rather than heartfelt direct appeal. Even this repetition of general MSM comment makes me nervous.

I have other concerns but will keep them to myself for now thankyou.

Update: Still none the wiser but working hard at not jumping to conclusions. Fascinated that the tabloids are also not jumping to conclusions but merely reporting the most lurid details they can possibly get their hands on. Hands up those who think they are beginning to hedge their bets at the expense of the disposable/dispensable McCanns? How well advised were this, let's face it pretty savvy, couple to so completely embrace the notoriously duplicitous press?

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