Sunday, 19 August 2007

Local food for local people!

This caught my eye

Bastard Supermarkets

We have a farm shop near us and less than a mile away from the local Tesco. The meat in Tesco is shit, the vegetables are ok and the range of other goods, from bin bags to HDTVs, is utterly unbelievable. Tesco provides me with range, convenience and seriously competetive pricing. The farm shop cannot give me these. However...

The farm shop provides, in some areas, quality that Tesco could NEVER afford to match. Supermarkets spend millions to have you believe that their buying power provides the highest of quality across the piece. This is simply not true and where it is, you are charged premium prices. Were I to have a dinner party and with to serve fillet steak, I would avoid the watery, overly fatty, under-hung, tasteless Tesco meat like the fucking plague. Don't even bother with the shitty, overly-hyped "Jamie" steaks in Sainsbury, they're shit. The farm shop fillet steaks, from local farms and on a financial par with the supermarket "expensive" range, is not only far,far,far,far, superior, being properly managed and locally produced but the farmer gets more money than he otherwise would from a supermarket.

Big Supermarkets will squeeze their suppliers to provide "same same" stuff for lazy buyers for as long as we'll let them but astute shoppers can drive a real alternative, keep independent farming going and taste real food by looking up their nearest farm shop.

Did I mention Fiona loves me too?? If not I will for ages. Things are just so perfect at the moment.


Mr Eugenides said...

Glad things are going well for you and Fiona!

You're right about Tesco and local shops, but the truth is that most people just don't give a shit. They buy the shiny apples not the tasty ones, and they want their meat shrink-wrapped with cooking instructions on the back of the label.

In fact, what they want are ready meals. I've lost count of the times I've heard work colleagues say they cooked dinner last night, and when I ask what they cooked, they give the name of some ready meal product.

That's not to say I never eat ready meals, of course; but people value convenience above all else these days, and sadly a lot of people just wouldn't know a good steak when they saw one.

Grrr! That's made me angry all over again. Right, off to have some curry flavour Super Noodles.

Gareth said...

As ever my friend, I'm indebted by your words of encouragement.So much has changed! I started blogging as a safety valve and maybe with the wrong modus operandi. Meeting Fiona changed everything and, for all the right reasons, "seduced" my thoughts. I still feel motivated to blog but perhaps on different terms.

I'm grateful for your support and will continue to blog but may refine my "angle". My bottom line to myself is that I have the intellect to contribute and will jolly well do so.