Sunday, 1 July 2007

Zimbabwe is beyond descending into chaos And we, as a nation have a responsibility, whether we like it nor not!!
Is Zimbabwe's current predicament our fault? Clearly not. Mugabe is a distinctly evil dictator, sadly democratically elected and the fact that he has been indulged by the UN and many influential countries makes me feel physically sick.

Should we invade Zimbabwe? Well it's the clincher that Tony Blair is/was/always has been a liar!! Of all the "tear stained issues" that should have affected him, Zimbabwe, as a commonwealth country should have been writ large. Instead he ducked and dived like a dodgy used car salesman and condemned thousands to death and many more to abject deprivation and pain. Well done Tony, would you like it to be counted in your legacy?

Oh no! Your legacy is only that you've told us you've done something about, you venal barsteward!!!

I repeat as a member of the Armed Forces, if we invade anywhere on the planet, let's not make it Iran, let's rebuild southern Africa's breadbasket and re-make Zimbabwe the engine of growth not only there but also in Mozambique and beyond.

What we have allowed to happen in Zimbabwe has affected so many other countries it defies logic and shames us.

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